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(免费)楽天Software Engineer Drone Services

有效期 2018 / 05 / 01 结束 (还有-328天)
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业种 IT・技术类
职种 运营管理・保守,SE・PG,其他IT•技术相关
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工作内容 1.Description

About us:
Rakuten aims to revolutionize the airspace. Our team is responsible for a number of products related to drone related services. We started the drone delivery service in May 2016 and currently are in the early stages of creation of a new service called Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). UTM is needed to make sure that drones can become a safe and reliable utility.

Rakuten understands the huge business potential and now is the right time to be here - what we do and how we do it shapes the future of this industry. Our partners are a Japanese drone manufacturer (ACSL) and a US based company (AirMap) and we are closely working on implementing our services.

The ideal candidate is a motivated self-starter who can work independently in a fast paced, ambiguous environment with limited supervision. He or she must be a fast learner, who can quickly absorb the nuances of Drone Service offerings. We are looking for someone who is excited to take on new, ambiguous products that will be industry defining.

2.Engineering core values:
Our work is also our hobby
We love trying new things are always challenge ourselves and others
Perfect is good, making good better is great
Making mistakes is a great way to learn
Build features that you yourself would find useful
Start simple and build it up to something outstanding
Code reviews make us better engineers
The code we write is for others to understand
Logging is as important as performance and performance is critical
Only tested code makes it into products
Strive to make everything automated
Show your work early and be open to criticism

3.Our technology stack:
Azure & AWS
.NET & .NET Core
ReactJS, jQuery, Angular
Xamarin (iOS & Android)

We are building a web service that has to scale and be available at least 99.99\% of time. You will be taking on increasingly complicated tasks and we expect your knowledge to improve continuously. You are expected to test your code by writing at least unit tests. Since we are using Azure SQL services you need to have some understanding of the fundamentals of relational databases. You need to have previous experience working as an engineer on a team using any of the following languages: C++, C#, Node.js, Scala, Delphi, F#, Go, Java, PHP, Python or Ruby. Our codebase is in C#, Scala and Node.js so you must be willing develop in either of these and learn it as you go.

5.Verbal skills:
Working in Rakuten means that you have some basic English language ability - you must obtain at least 800 points on the TOEIC test within the first year working in the company (600 is required to join). We are a multi cultural team and we welcome diversity. We speak Japanese, English, Russian, Mandarin, Bangla and Hebrew.

Regardless of the TOEIC score and your native language you should be able to articulate yourself reasonably well.

score and your native language you should be able to articulate yourself reasonably well.​

6.English Requirement:Business Level

7.Japanese Requirement:Not Required

8.Employee Status:Regular
Job:Software Engineer
Primary Location:Asia and Oceania-Japan-Tokyo
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募集对象  日语要求简单交流(N4・N3)                  
工作地点 東京都
联系方式 / 其他
联系方式 微信,sbk101610,中文可
雇用形式 正社員
工作时间 日勤
工资 年收500万
待遇・福利厚生 立刻工作(急),正社員,高时给
采用人数 2
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