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(免费)楽天/中国から応募ok/Full Stack Developer

有效期 2018 / 05 / 01 结束 (还有-222天)
业种 / 职种
业种 IT・技术类
职种 运营管理・保守,SE・PG
工作内容 / 募集对象 / 工作地点
工作内容 <<Full Stack Developer - Search>>
1. Description
Rakuten is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. Our mission is to empower people and society through the internet while aiming at becoming the Global Innovation Company.
Search is one of the key factors to optimize the user experience within Rakuten’s vast number of global services. The Search organization continuously looks to innovate, refine and improve search functionalities to better serve each of the uniquely different business unit’s goals as well as well as the entire Rakuten Group.

2. Responsibilities:
Improve and maintain the stability of the platform including troubleshooting and resolving critical system issues
Design and create framework for automating platform functionalities
Assist in the project planning and execution of platform related initiatives
Develop, run, test and deploy requirements in creating new features to existing or brand new applications

3. Minimum Qualifications:
Experience operating in a Linux/Unix environment (2+ years)
Proficiency with a major web framework (e.g. Play, Rails, Spring MVC, React) (2+ years)
Strong front end development skills including one or more of the following - CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML (2+ years)
Understanding of both client and server side development
Able to create technical documentation
Motivation to improve existing platform components
Proactive and quick learner

4.Preferred Qualifications:
Able to work in a multi-cultural environment with team members from different nationalities
Experience with release and configuration automation (Chef, Rundeck, Ansible, etc)
Experience in technical requirement gathering, task break down and creating task backlog
Understanding of search frameworks, particularly Apache Solr
Experience with Git

5. English Requirement:Business Level
Japanese Requirement:Conversational Level

6. Employee Status:Regular

7. Job:Software Engineer

8.Primary Location:Asia and Oceania-Japan-Tokyo
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募集对象  日语要求日常会话(N3・N2)                  
工作地点 東京都
联系方式 / 其他
联系方式 微信,sbk101610,仅日语
雇用形式 正社員
工作时间 日勤
工资 年收500万
待遇・福利厚生 立刻工作(急),正社員,高时给
采用人数 2
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